As a brand, we strongly value sustainability and are committed to making the constant effort to replace our less sustainable materials and practices with new eco-friendly alternatives. We certainly have a long way to go, but are proud to be taking steps in the right direction. We're always open to suggestions from our customers' perspective on ways we can improve as well :)

Carbon Footprint

Through our partnerships with Corso and Shop Pay, 100% of the carbon emissions associated with fulfilling qualifying orders are offset by contributions to non-profit environmental projects that are scientifically proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This includes everything from forest conservation efforts to building wind farms. We also use local, Florida-based manufacturers whenever possible to further reduce our Carbon footprint.


Many of our fabrics are classified as eco-friendly with an OEKO-TEX certification, meaning that they don’t contain harmful substances or dyes that come into contact with our skin and bodies of water. A growing selection of our colorways are also made from rPET, which is yarn spun from recycled plastic packaging (like water bottles) that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Our packaging materials are biodegradable poly bags. These bags are made from PLA which is a plant byproduct. They are then printed using water-based inks. Each bag can be composted at home or at a compost facility.

In our stores we use reusable cotton net bags rather than traditional shopping bags, and we offer a discount incentive for any customer that chooses to reuse their net bag while shopping in our stores.



We are proud to say that all of Montce’s manufacturers are paid livable wages with good working conditions, and that we regularly audit all external manufacturing facilities.

We have always produced our inventory in smaller batches to help minimize overstock, and we also use high efficiency fabric cutting to reduce waste. Our scrunchies and headbands are actually made from scrap fabrics that would otherwise be thrown away.

Every Montce garment is made with high quality materials and construction to last for years, and reduce overall consumption.

Sustainable Brands

We also want to share the spotlight with some other great sustainable brands, that we proudly retail in our stores!

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